Friday, September 11, 2009

LASKO 30 In. Oscillating Industrial Fan

Product Description

The Lasko 3520 20 In. Cyclone® is a great choice for an all-purpose floor fan. This fan is a great addition to your air conditioning or can be directed at you for immediate heat relief. The Cyclone® has three whisper-quiet, powerful speeds. Aerodynamic fan blades and a special grill design maximize its performance. Its adjustable fan head pivots 90 degrees, and locks in place for precision comfort. The fan is portable and easy to use with controls located on top of its easy carry handle. Safety features include a patented fused plug cord set.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #37572 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lasko
  • Model: 3135
  • Dimensions: 24.12" h x 6.75" w x 23.75" l,


  • Industrial-grade pedestal fan for large-scale air circulation
  • 30-inch metal fan blades; 3 powerhouse speeds with pull-cord controls
  • Optional oscillation; adjustable height from 64 to 92 inches
  • Tilt-back head; steel-body construction; sturdy, round base; 10-foot cord
  • Measures 30-1/2 by 33 by 90 inches; 1-year limited warranty Product Description
Ideal for large-scale air circulation, this heavy-duty, high-velocity, 30-inch, industrial-grade pedestal fan makes easy work of cooling warehouses, auditoriums, health clubs, and other large spaces. Enjoy three powerhouse speeds with pull-cord controls, plus optional oscillation to provide broader coverage. For maximum versatility, the fan's height can be fully adjusted from 64 to 92 inches, and its tilt-back head can be adjusted to direct air where needed. Other highlights include durable steel-body construction; metal fan blades for high-volume air movement; rust-resistant, powder-coated grills; fully-enclosed motor housing for added safety; a sturdy round base; and a 10-foot cord with a grounded plug. Fully assembled, the UL-listed fan measures 30-1/2 by 33 by 90 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

Customer Reviews

I'm a fan of this fan5

I needed a good fan that would push air around a room that tends to get pretty hot and stuffy, especially in the summer. Our AC ducts need a lot of work, so I purchased this fan until we can afford to get it done. I think we found a good solution for the time being.

First, we have about 3 different types of fans in our house; Power House 18-Inch 2,900 CFM 3-Speed High Velocity Stand Fan, Power House 92000 20" HIGH VELOCITY STAND FAN, and the Lasko 20 inch box fan. The Powerhouse fans both do a pretty good job of moving air around. But I still needed something better, particularly in this AZ heat. The Lasko box fans are good if you want a gentle breeze. However, if your room is hot, you're wasting time, energy and money running it. A homemade paper fan would probably yield the same type of result.

I decided to give the LASKO 30 In. Oscillating Industrial Fan a try. Let me tell you, this blows the other ones away. Good solid construction, easy to operate, nice design.

There are a couple of drawbacks. First, it is pretty loud. And this is coming from someone that does not really mind loud fans. You have a hard time hearing over it.

Also, the footprint on this is pretty big. This is not a portable fan nor is it meant to be moved around. Wherever you place this is pretty much where it will end up staying.
The base itself is very large, so it will take up a considerable large amount of space.

The assembly on this was a nightmare. I received mine with missing screws. When I opened the box, some were loose, at the bottom of the box. I found a couple of nuts and washers in the creases of the box. After turning the box over and carefully inspecting the seams and folds, I was still missing an important screw and washer. I was really disappointed about that.

I also found the instructions a bit confusing. There are really only about 4-5 basic steps to the assembly, but the way the directions are outlined it seems to not be spelled out as clear as it probably could. I think attaching the column to the motor fan head was a bit puzzling. But the worst was attaching the front grill. What a pain in the neck! I received mine and the grill was sorta warped and did not fit together straight on. Add to that the fact that you have to "hook" the grills together --- boy what work that was! luck getting yours in better shape sans delivery. Though I will say, the hook thing was in and of itself difficult, and adding the warped grills exasperating. I think Lasko should consider redesigning to attach a little differently.

I think this most likely requires two people to assemble, particularly when attaching the fan motor to the column. It is very heavy!

Despite the problems we experienced putting it together, I still rate the fan itself 5 stars. The amount of air it expels is all worth the pitfalls we encountered. The wind is nice and cool. It oscillates very nicely and is easy to operate.
Overall, we a very happy with this fan.

Review of Fan5
We love the Lakso 30 in. oscalliting fan. It does the job that we want it to do. I would highley recommend the fan.

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