Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lasko 1820 Performance 18-Inch Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Product Description

Elegance AND Performance, can it be done? Now it can, with the 18" Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan¿ The great room has always been difficult to keep cool. Most plastic fans are simply not enough. And your home is not exactly "commercial grade", so those metal fans won't do either. What you need is the 18" Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan. The stylish elegance grill blends into the surrounding décor, while three whisper-quiet speeds deliver comforting winds. With fully adjustable height, optional oscillation, and adjustable tilt-back - it's a great fan for the great room.

Customer Reviews

excellent value for cooling down and saving energy at once5
This three speed adjustable oscillating pedestal fan by Lasko is exactly the way it is advertised. The three speeds all operate smoothly and the fan gets the air circulating rather quickly. Setup is a breeze, the instructions are clear and there are no tools required for the setup.

The price is right for what you get: my own fan is just about one year old now and it still works strong and hard to create good air flow. This wonderful fan also cools the room down on days when you can't use an air conditioner or when you simply don't want to use one. The fan can either oscillate or stand still blowing air constantly in one direction--and that's great to have this choice. I usually let it oscillate to get the maximum amount of air flowing throughout the room. The head of the fan does tilt back just as they say it does; but I wouldn't tilt it back all the way--it just doesn't feel like it could stay that way too long without the risk of falling over. I could be wrong; but that's the sense I get.

I recommend that the fan stand between four feet to maximum height (which is almost six feet) so that the air current it creates reaches you whether you're lying down or walking around the room.

One important feature: this fan can save you money, especially over the long run. It is rather economical to use in that it won't make your electric bill spike sharply upward the way an electric air conditioner would. It does make some noise but not too much noise; the noise actually helps me fall asleep and that's a great extra plus from this fan!

The fan comes with a limited warranty for one year just as noted above; but I highly doubt that you'll need to use it. This fan is built to last--certainly more than just one year!

Overall, this is a great fan and I highly recommend it as just about the best fan out there in this size and price range. It will not disappoint you.

Moves air perfectly. Too Loud!4
This fan moves air around perfectly. On those hot summer evenings w/ your A/C blowing, this fan becomes the perfect compliment. Just one thing. This fan is a little loud. If you put the speed seeting to a one, the sound is exceptable but still quite loud. Don't put the setting on 2 or 3 unless you have ear plugs because it sounds like a freight train going through your house and your ears may begin to bleed(lol). Other than that, this fan is great! i would certainly recommend it.

Lasko 1820 Pedestal Fan4
I purchased this fan a month or so ago and it runs all day without a problem. I was concerned as reviewers had complained about a sound that came from it so far it doesn't really bother me I got used to it pretty quickly.
I wasn't too happy to see that the cage that fits over the fan itself is made of plastic instead of metal. I didn't have much trouble snapping it in place but I am going to have to be careful when I put it away for the winter that it doesn't get knocked or bumped into because the plastic cage could break and that would be pretty much it if a large chunk of it broke. The plastic cage is the only thing I would say would be a problem other than that it is a decent fan for the price.

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