Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lasko 40-Inch Elite Wind Tower with Remote Control

Product Description

As its name implies, the Elite Wind Tower delivers nothing but the best. Its mature design with charcoal and silver metal finish, makes this fan a must have for your home or office. The Elite Wind Tower has everything you would ever need in a fan¿including widespread oscillation, three quiet speeds, an electronic timer (up to 7.5 hours), and a remote control with storage area. Don't be caught without you Elite Wind Tower this season.

Customer Reviews

Saved from the hot spell4
When it came time to turn my neighbor on to this fan I was distressed to read the two reviews that were already published (both from purchasers who obtained theirs from other stores?). Last year I purchased two of these for my apartment in San Diego . . . and then the longest, hottest two weeks that we have seen in years hit. These two were operating 24/7, moved around a lot, etc. and worked flawlessly. They never got put away and I have used them to circulate air during the Winter as well and they are still cooking along flawlessly. That's not one, but two, and they work and last great!

Nice while it lasted...2
As with the reviewer above, I purchased this fan from another store and it worked well at first. The remote was a nice touch and the fan speeds and settings worked well. However within 4 months of owning it, when we tried to have it rotate, it turns slightly, gets stuck, and proceeds to just make a clicking sound until you stop it from rotating. Needless to say it no longer rotates, so it is now just a stationary fan. I even tried taking it apart to unjam it, but came to discover that the rotating gear was already worn down and that was the problem, so without new parts it could not be fixed. Buy another fan if you want it to last, I know I am.

Most Quiet Tower Fan4
We purchased a Honeywell Tower Fan and this Lasko fan. We use the Lasko in the bedroom. What a difference it is from a box fan. It is very very quiet. The sleep setting is perfect because you can choose how long to have it running after you go to bed. Even if we keep it on all night, I wake up in the morning not feeling like I've listening to a fan roar all night long. We can't use it on ocillate - it makes a sound when it goes back and forth. Even so, it still gives us both (and 2 dogs!) plenty of direct air flow without the ocillation feature. I JUST bought another for my office.

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