Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lasko 4904 Space-Saving Pivoting Task Fan

Product Description

Finally, your own personal fan! Its compact size is ideal for the Office, Kitchen or the Bedroom. Precise air, the way you want it with two quiet speeds. If you're feeling generous, just pivot the fan up for general air circulation!

Customer Reviews

Nice quiet fan.4
I bought this fan to help cool the guts of our 5 year old Toshiba rear projection TV. The TV has had to be fixed several times and the components that are going bad are on a heat sink which leads me to believe they're burning up prematurely do the excessive heat.

This fan was recommended by my brother who also uses one to cool his home theatre and gave me rave reviews on the amount of air it moves and the amount of noise - or lack thereof.

It's a pretty heavy fan for it's size and I think it moves a pretty good amount of air despite of some of the other reviews. It's ideal for cooling stereo and home theatre components due to it's smaller footprint and the ability to tilt it up and down. Air is taken in through a series of small holes on each of the fan. This is what some call a "squirrel cage" fan. It has a long cord and a knob on the back for OFF, LOW, and HIGH.

It's quiet enough that we don't notice it when watching TV.

Its a fan...4
It works for what I want. Its small and fits on my desk well. On low it makes hardly any noise. On high it sounds like any other fan would. Its made of cheap plastic, but as long as it works, thats all that really matters.

Quiet, perfect for office use4
I keep this fan at my desk at work, and I think it is perfect for that. The Low setting is practically silent (similar noise to some CPU fans). It doesn't move a ton of air at this setting, but it is definitely sufficient for an office where we have AC anyway. My one complaint would be that the High setting is significantly louder, so I keep mine on Low all the time.

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