Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LASKO 2155A 16" Window Fan

Product Description

The 16" Electrically Reversible Window Fan powerfully circulates air through two to three rooms. Plus, its exclusive Storm Guard feature allows you to close the window behind the fan for safety and security during inclement weather or while you're away.

Customer Reviews

Lasko 16" 3-Speed Reversible Window Fan5
I've had a lot of window fans before but none have cooled nearly as well as the Lasko 16" window fan. The fan is solidly constructed with sturdy plastic side panels and a easy to turn on/off speed selection knob.Particularly nice is the exhaust feature on this fan,which cleared a smokey kitchen in mere seconds.

A Good Fan5
I purchased this fan 15 years ago and replaced it with another one this past summer because the old one clonked out on me. What I noticed about this new one is it has a different blade from the older model. It is also quieter and more powerful than the older model. I did not bother with the Storm Guard feature of screwing the fan in the window for safety reasons. If in the event of a fire and the window was my only means of getting out, the fan would get in the way. The fan takes up a lot of window space, so if you are one of those people who like your outdoor view, do not purchase this fan. If you want a fan that is powerful and will last for a good number of years, this is the fan for you.

I thought I would try this fan as a replacement for my Lakewood 18-inch window fan, which looks almost exactly the same in the ads. I have gone through three of the Lakewood fans over the last 18 years, and they were great for drawing cool air through my entire house. Unfortunately, the Lasko fan is less than half as powerful (0.83 amps vs. 2.0 amps). The high speed on this fan produces about as much wind as the low speed on the Lakewood fan. I will be returning this fan.

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