Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED

Product Description

Wide body design, steel box housing with baked enamel finish, 5 paddle blade and plastic grill. 3 Whisper-Quiet speeds. 22-1/2"H x 21-3/8"W x 5-3/16"D. UL Listed.

Customer Reviews

Can't go wrong with a $20 fan...5
This is probably THE cheapest box fan money can buy. It's also the narrowest fan I've ever seen. This thing probably isn't five inches wide and maybe less than that. Yet it does blow a nice breeze. It's fairly well made and the controls are easy to read (something we baby-boomers appreciate) and the dial-type switch doesn't have a mushy feel, but has distinctive notches so it switches from speed to speed with ease.

It's not too strong and you'll *never* hear anyone yell, "turn that fan down, it's blowing me away!" It's as noisy as you'd expect a $20 fan to be. I like a little white noise when I go to sleep, so this is fine for me. There are some that may find the loud whirring of the motor annoying.

For $20, I'd say it's a real dandy and does a fine job of keeping the air moving. It's a sweet deal and while I've only had mine for two months, I'm fairly well pleased with its performance to date.

It's a fan, dude!5
Watch Video Here: This is an in-depth video review of Lasko's most recent entry into the premium three-speed box fan market. We will cover all of the bases here, including: manufacturing quality, speed settings, and relative sound levels compared with other box fans.

Summary: We love this fan!

Great Fan5
We got this fan for our basement and it works great. It really helps circulate the air. We had the same model for a few years and then it started to not work so much, but we ran it 24/7, so it was from over use not the fan. Definalty worth the money:)

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