Monday, July 13, 2009

LASKO 4910 Platinum Desktop Wind Tower Fan

Product Description

Multi-directional Oscillating / Space-Saving Desktop Size - 6? Diameter / Front-Mounted Electronic Controls /Three Refreshing Speeds

Customer Reviews

Great, dynamic fan5
This is a great fan. The top head can be positioned about 45 degrees away from the lower one for multiple users. There are three settings accessed by pressing the power button for high, medium, and low. The one other button is an oscillation button. Works right out of the box, and is fairly quiet, especially on its lower settings. Stands about the height of a computer screen. I enjoy it on hot summer days, or after i have been sweating from exercise.

Pretty good fan5
I bought this fan for a co-worker that had a loud annoying little fan. This is nice and quiet (unless on the high power can be a little noticable). Doesn't blow papers around and gives a nice cool breeze. Its a little tall, about 1 foot, so it can be obstructing if you are sitting in a cube with low walls.

Excellent product5
The Platinum Desktop Wind Tower provides a cool blast of air at the touch of a button. The fan is strong enough to cool but does not blow papers off the desk. It fits in a small space on the desk. The on/off, power level and movement buttons are intuitive. It has worked reliably. The price in the twenty dollar range is a bargain. I highly recommend Platinum Desktop Wind Tower for anyone who needs cool air at their desk.

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