Saturday, July 4, 2009

LASKO 4420 Jet Air Tower Fan

Product Description

The Lasko Jet Air Tower Fan 4420 takes tower fan performance to the next level. Housed in a slim body, this fan's looks can be deceiving. A high performance blower motor delivers comfort like no standard tower fan. Its air velocity is up to 30% greater.

Customer Reviews

Powerful with features5
I have tried tower fans in the past without much luck. They are unstable, noisy, and don't last very long. They're also weak compared with a conventional oscillating floor fan. However, I am amazed with the design of this Lasko fan. Rather than a long vertical box fan, it has a short horizontal box fan in the base. At the lowest setting it moves air better than the high setting on most other tower fans. It is very powerful. Cranking it up to high does not cause it to wobble like other designs. Aviation style vents put the air where you want it so you can cover a larger area or aim the flow up or down. It has a cute night light in the base, oscillates left and right, and has an infrared remote control.

For the cons, I'd have to say the finish doesn't look as nice as the photo. When it oscillates left and right, it doesn't move very much - although the vents will cover much wider area than any other fan I've used - so, you don't really need the oscillation at all. Doesn't have an air ionizer; although, I've read mixed reviews about ionizers from Consumer Reports. All in all, not worth the full mfgr suggested retail price yet it is the best designed and the most efficient fan I have ever had.

It's powerful but loud4
I've been using this fan for a little over a month everyday. I was looking for a powerful tower fan to circulate air on the top floor of the house. This fan does the job while working well with another box fan. I placed the box fan on one the window facing outside while the Air Jet blew cooler air from the other window on the other end of the house. You can feel the wind blowing 10 feet away at the lowest level setting. However this fan is louder than I expected. I would buy this fan if u are looking for something that can blow air 10 - 25 feet but don't mind the noise. I have to put the fan far away from the bed at night because it's loud and too strong even at the lowest level.

The remote is very useful at night if u don't want to get up and turn off the fan. Since I don't use the timer function so much, it's fine without it. Finally, for $60 bucks it's good fan and worth the money. It's easy to assemble and easy to use. The only issue is the noise. it's almost as loud as the traditional $20 fan.

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