Friday, July 3, 2009

Lasko 3900 Performance Air Cleaner

Product Description

The Performance Air Cleaner Fan takes in the unfiltered air and provides clean air throughout your entire room in just 3 easy steps¿ plug in, choose filtration volume and start breathing cleaner air in minutes! One pleated home air filter with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda is included with the fan.

Customer Reviews

Sure beats those expensive HEPA machines!5
Why spend hundreds of dollars on a machine that sucks air in and blows it out through overpriced filters when you can do the same thing with this unit for less? This unit uses standard 20X20X1 inch filters. If you search Amazon for "20X20X1 filters" you will find a wide range of filtration. The most expensive filter being about $15.

Good idea5
The first thing to happen to me after taking this unit out of the box was the "Lasko" name plate instantly falling off, I would think if Lasko cuts corners on the adhesive that holds their company logo to the front of the fan then where else have they cut corners?!

Oh well, This is a simple inexpensive solution to a dust or allergy problem I suppose...

Its just a regular box fan with a filter slot attached to the back. Once you have it up and running you'll notice its kinda loud even on the low setting, It doesn't bother me in fact it helps me sleep by drowning out other noise but the second setting is so loud that I can't hear my room mates when they knock on my door.

This is definitely not a fan... Don't buy this for a hot summers day, the air out put is very low compared to a regular box fan and the air that does come out is not cool. But its very good at sucking in dust and thats why I purchased it.

I can't help but feel it won't last very long... I've had lasko box fans before that have died or the fan motor starts making a nerve wracking never ending squeaky shrill, so what chance will this unit have considering it's motor will work much harder pulling the air through a air-filter that will eventually clog with dust.

You might want to invest money in a reuseable/washable air filter rather than buy the throw away types.20x20x1 EZ-2000 Electrostatic Washable Air Filter

I've noticed a much better air flow with the electrostatic filter.

Time will tell, but as of right now its doing a good job and I recommend it...


I've been using them every day for 4 months straight and I'm very happy with the purchase. Both air cleaners are performing really well, they've cut my dusting/vacuuming down to once a month and I just love that!

A bit loud, but worth the price3
If you are going to use it while you sleep, it is loud. I have a large bedroom and put on the other side of the room it is OK and masks noises. I put a 3M filterete filter in it to increase airflow and increase filtering ability. It would work great, as it is, to get nuisance dust out of the air with the MERV 8 filter supplied. Good for a workshop or dusty environment.

Amazon has it for half the price I have seen it elsewhere.

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  1. Lasko Tower Fans are horrible. I have 3 of them and they all broke down after a year. I called customer service and I found out they have no service department. In other words, Lasko fans are disposable.